For Jobseekers

What does mywork• do for me?

mywork• puts you in control by matching you with jobs that fit your preferences. Work where you want, when you want, and how you want – all for free.

We help you to enjoy the flexibilty of working whenever you want. By indicating your availability, mywork• will only show you jobs that fits your schedule. Never worry about having to sacrifice outings with friends, family time, or pursuing your other interests again.

mywork• provides a large range of jobs for you, allowing you to choose from a variety of opportunities. Whether you want something familiar, or something new, mywork• gives you the opportunity to work how you want.

We make work easy and convenient for you. Apply for jobs and track your earnings on the go with our mobile app. Earn extra cash without all the hassle – easily track your earnings with just a click of a button.

mywork• provides many job opportunities to fit in your lifestyle. Furthermore, it’s completely free to use! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

How do I sign up for mywork•?

Simply search for “mywork• Shift Jobs On Demand” on the iOS App Store or Google Playstore and download the mobile application.

Simply sign up using your Facebook account or email address, follow the instructions and you’re done! You can now immediately start searching and applying for jobs.

I can't register for an account. What do I do?

Please enter a valid email address and ensure that your password is at least 6 characters long. For Singapore, MOM also has certain regulations regarding who can work part-time in Singapore. You can check your eligibility to work in Singapore on the MOM website.

I have an existing account but am unable to login. What can I do?

You may have entered the wrong email address or password. If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forget Password?” to receive an email to reset your password. If the above measures do not work, please take a screenshot and drop us an email at team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I change my personal details?

Click on the Settings tab at the bottom right corner. Then, select the relevant sections (login details, profile etc.) in which you would like to make changes.

Do I have to upload a CV?

No, you are not required to upload a CV. However, we encourage you to update your past employment history and relevant qualifications under your home page as it will increase the probability of you getting hired.

For Singapore: what if I am not a citizen or PR?

MOM has certain regulations regarding who can work part-time in Singapore. For more information, please refer to the MOM website about regulations on part-time jobs. Currently, all foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work visa) before they start work. Foreign students are allowed to work part-time in Singapore under certain circumstances, and can refer to MOM website for more information.

How can I apply for a job?

Click on the “Search” section at the bottom of the page (second icon from the left) to browse through the jobs shortlisted for you based on your preferences and availability. Click on the “View Job Details” button on the job listing to see more details, and to apply for the shift.

How can I track the jobs I saved/applied for?

Jobs in which you have applied for can be found under the “Current Jobs” tab of the “Home” section. The status of the jobs in which you have applied for will be shown in the tab.

How do I confirm that my job has been accepted?

You will receive a notification on your app when a business responds to your job posting. Alternatively, you could also check under the “Current Jobs” tab of the “Home” section. Jobs in which you have been confirmed for will be labelled as “Hired”.

How long does it take for businesses to respond?

This would depend on the businesses themselves as they will be directly managing the interested applicant. We encourage all businesses to check their emails regularly in order to get back to interested applicants promptly. Please be patient and wait for the company to respond.

How do I contact the person in charge of my job shift?

With the new app update, you can now send a message to the Business using our new Chat Function!

After your job has been confirmed, you can send a message or call them by finding the job posting and clicking on the chat/call icon. You may do so by going to the “Current Jobs” tab.

What happens if I apply for the wrong job?

If you have applied for a job and would like to withdraw your application, go to the “Home” section › click on the job you wish to withdraw under the “Current Jobs” tab › click the “Withdraw Application” button.

If you have already been accepted for the job, please contact the respective businesses by chatting or calling them and request for them to remove you from the job.

Where do I set my schedule?

Go to “Job Search” section, then tap on the calendar on the top right corner and set the dates you are unavailable/available. Remember to press the save button at the bottom of the screen.

I am not seeing enough jobs. How can I see even more jobs?

You could try adjusting your filters. Go to Job Search, then click on the filter on the top right corner. Try increasing the travel distance, selecting more roles and lowering your desired minimum pay to see more jobs.

What happens if I cannot turn up for my shift?

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Cancelling a shift

If you are not able to make it for your shift, you can cancel your shift by clicking the “Withdraw Application” button on the “Current Jobs” tab on the app. Please note that any cancellation of shifts must be done at least 24 hours ahead of your shift start time, to allow the companies sufficient time to find a replacement. We also recommend that you give the company a call to inform them that you will not be able to make it, and let them know the reasons why.

Late Cancellations

Late cancellations are highly disruptive to businesses and MyWork treats this seriously, if you withdraw your application for a shift less than 24 hours ahead of your shift start time more than twice without reporting a valid reason, MyWork has the right to block your account for a period of 1 month. During the blocking out period, you will not be able to log in and apply for jobs.

No Show

MyWork treats no shows very seriously. If you do not turn up for your shift without cancelling your shift and without reporting a valid reason, MyWork has the right to block your account for a period of 1 month. During the blocking out period, you will not be able to log in and apply for jobs.

How is payment being made?

The business you worked for will compensate you directly. Payment methods differ according to different businesses.

When would I receive my pay?

As businesses will pay you directly, and you will be paid according to their company payment structure. Please contact the respective businesses that you worked for for more information.

The business that I have completed the job shift from has not paid me. What should I do?

Please be patient as some businesses may pay via bank transfer or other means. It may also be possible that they usually pay out during different timings of the month according to their own company payment structure. However, for Singapore, they are required under the MOM Employment Act to reimburse you within 7 days after the end of the salary period. For more information, please refer to the MOM page on salaries.

What is the rating shown on my profile?

After every job completed, your business provider will be prompted to give you a rating (out of 5 stars) based on your performance during the job. Your average rating for all your completed shifts will then be calculated and reflected on your profile.

What is the purpose of this rating system?

The rating system has been implemented with the purpose of allowing businesses to have an accurate guide as to how well the user has performed for their previous shifts, before accepting him/her for the position.

What is the Clock In/Out Function? Why do I need to do this?

The clock in/out function prevents confusion between you and the business over the details of your shift i.e. start or end time. Doing so will log the record electronically so that you can easily keep track of your earnings and work hours! Now you won’t have to do a manual calculation of your daily, monthly or yearly payout after work.

How do I Clock In/Out of my shift?

You will automatically be prompted to clock in/out before and after your shift on the app. This can be done through scanning a QR Code or sending a Remote Request, if your person in-charge is not physically present.

To do so, simply view the job that states “In Progress” under the “Current Jobs” tab, click on the “Clock In/Out” Button.

For Businesses

What is mywork• and how does it work?
mywork• is the first on-demand hiring platform in Singapore that allows businesses to hire as and when they require.
You can simply post a job on our app, applicants will respond directly to you and receive a response within hours. You can even have the jobseeker come for work on that very same day!
If you would like to know more about how mywork• can help your Business, schedule a FREE demonstration with us today here!
Is there a web browser version of this app? Sometimes our job descriptions get quite lengthy so we don’t like to type on our phones

Yes! We have a webportal where you can easily type out the job description. We still recommend using the app for the other fields since you can get notifications and can easily accept people through the app. Please contact your business advisor for access to this page.

I am a first time user. What are the charges for using mywork?

We’re glad to hear that you’re considering using mywork• for your hiring needs!

Currently, mywork• is offering a 50% OFF your first month subscription for your business when you take up any of our Monthly Packages.

If you are interested to find out more about this promotional pricing and how mywork• can solve your hiring needs, you may schedule a FREE demonstration with us here! Our Business Advisors will share with your our packages that will best suit your Business needs.

Alternatively, you may contact us at +(65) 6493 2133 or drop us an email at

What are the terms and conditions for your subscriptions?
  • Fees for the Yearly Package will be collected on a monthly basis with a recurring charge for 12 months
  • For the Monthly Limited Package – if you overuse in a particular month, you will be charged the Monthly Unlimited Package price for that month.
  • For the Yearly Limited Package – if you overuse in a particular month, you will be charged the Monthly Unlimited Package price for that month.
  • If you decide to upgrade from a Limited Package (Yearly) to an Unlimited Package (Yearly), you will be charged a $100 admin fee.
What happens after the end of my first month subscription?

When you sign up for a package with us, your subscription will automatically be renewed and there will be a recurring charge to your account.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you are required to manually disable the recurring charge on the website by logging into your account.

If you require assistance to do so, please contact your designated mywork• Business Advisor or drop us an email at

What if I change my mind? Can i switch package midway?

Yes you can! Please contact your designated mywork• Business Advisor or drop us an email at to do so.

How do I create job postings? What if I require multiple people for the same shift?

To create a job posting:

On the “Home” tab at the bottom of the page, press “Create New Job”. Enter your Job Details. You will be directed to a preview of your job posting. If you want to make any changes, click on “Edit Job” at the top left corner. If you are satisfied with the job posting, press “Post Job” at the top right hand corner. Your job is now posted.

I would like to feature my job posting. Can this be done?

Job Posts are automatically featured based on the urgency of each job – completely free of charge! All of our jobs are reflected to jobseekers based on chronological order so the more urgent you require manpower, the more views you will get.

What if the role I am offering is not listed under work categories?

Press on “Others” for job categories and enter the job title in the blank field below.

Can I post multiple shifts under one post?

Yes, you are able to. When you create a new Job, press “Add Date and Time” to enter a new shift. Please note that all workers who sign up for that job post will turn up for all the shifts listed in the job post.

Are the breaks paid?

No, breaks are unpaid by default on the app. If the breaks are paid, please state so in the description.

How do I contact my worker?

If you would like to contact a worker that you’ve accepted for a job, click on the “Posted Jobs” button in the Home tab, click on “View” for the job posting, “Approved” and on the picture of the worker. Their mobile number will be visible below their name. You can proceed to tap on the number and the app will redirect the call to your phone.

If you would like to leave a message to all workers that applied for the job, you can head to the job ad and scroll to the bottom to find, “add a note” and type in your message. The message will then be broadcasted to all applicants!

Can I just call anyone on the app to ask them if they can work for me?

We provide you the contact details of the candidate only if they have applied for the shift and you’ve accepted them for the job. Ultimately, if after a phone interview or they are uncontactable, you may remove them from the approved list of candidates and approve other applicants.

What if I accidentally approve a worker, and now want to remove him/her?

Go to the job posting. Press “Approved”, and you will be able to see the worker(s) whom you have approved. Click on “remove” and confirm your choice.

My worker did not turn up. What should I do?

We now have a “Clock In / Clock Out” function where jobseekers will have to clock-in via the app to generate accurate timesheets for the payslip. If a jobseeker is a “no-show”, you can indicate in the approved list for the job post that he/she is a no-show and we will ban their accounts accordingly. As such, the quality of our candidates is streamlined to only reliable users.

On the jobseeker app, we make it well-known the consequences if they fail to turn up for a job.

Someone turned up but I did not hire him/her. What should I do?

Please show the jobseeker that he/she is not registered under that shift by showing them your job posting and the corresponding jobseeker page.

Are the jobseekers verified?

All jobseekers have their emails and mobile numbers verified. They could also add references and previous job experiences for your reference, before accepting them for the shift.

How is payment done?

Payment is done directly from yourself, the business, to the worker. Please inform your worker about your preferred payment method.

Must I pay my worker above the market rate?

No, you not required to do so. However, postings that offer a competitive salary will be more likely to receive more applicants.

Can I pay my workers through you or can I do it by GIRO/i-banking/cash?

We are not an agency so there’s no involvement from us whatsoever in the payment process! We recommend that you inform jobseekers upon acceptance of your payment preferences.

Do I need to pay CPF? What is my legal standing in this situation? Will I get fined by MOM if I don’t give CPF? Do they have to sign a contract with me?

When creating a job, you would have to indicate what type of relationship (freelancer / employee) you want to have with the shift workers you hire off the app. For Singapore, if you select the latter, our payslips will help calculate the amount of CPF payable which will make your administrative life a lot easier! All of our payslips are MOM Compliant as well.

It is still entirely up to you if you would like to have a contract with the shift worker to indicate the final pay amount and that you would not be held liable, etc. The app is just there to provide a platform for you to reach out to these people without the high costs of hiring an agency.

Legally, all users are bound by the terms of use in our service agreement. So all users should comply with the rules and regulations of the company that hires them.

Why do I have to rate my worker after completing a shift?

You will automatically be prompted to rate your worker once the shift ends so that other businesses will be able to see their average rating on the worker’s profile, before accepting them for the job. This is to differentiate the star performers from the non-performing workers.

How should I rate my worker?

Here are some guidelines as to how you should rate your worker, once he/she has completed the shift.


1 Star – Unacceptable, didn’t turn up for the shift at all!

2 Stars – Lots of room for improvement, will not be a choice for future shifts

3 Stars – Just met my expectations, definitely could be better though

4 Stars – Did a good job! Will be my first choice for other shifts

5 Stars – Amazing! Definitely a 5-star worker

What is this Clock In / Out function? How does it work?

Both the jobseeker and business will be forced to clock in/out of the shift. When reporting for the shift, the worker will be prompted to clock-in for the shift and there will be a QR code for you to scan. This will generate an accurate timesheet for the payslips to reflect.

If you are unable to be physically present, the worker can send a clock-in request for you or the person-in-charge to approve. You can verify the timing stated by the jobseeker on the request and either agree/disagree. If you disagree with the timing, you can alter it and change it to the correct time.

Is it necessary to clock in/out the worker? What if I cannot be there to clock in/out the worker?

Job seekers are automatically prompted on the app to clock in/out before and after their shift.

The clock in/out function prevents confusion between both parties over the details of the shift i.e start or end time. Doing so will log the record electronically so that you can keep track of your spendings.

Clock in/out can be done remotely or through QR code. You would still be able to clock in/out the worker even if you are not physically present.

What if I disagree with the clock in/out timing that the worker has stated? Am I able to amend this?

Yes you can! Once the user sends you a remote request to clock in/out of the shift, you are able to review this and make any changes, if necessary.

Simply click on the “Disagree” button when you receive the notification, and you’ll be able to change the date and time accordingly. Doing so will notify the worker that you have made changes to their remote request as well.

How do I generate payslips?

When posting a job, select whether your on-demand worker is an “Employee” or a “Freelancer”. Payslips are available for generation at the end of each month, which will calculate the relevant CPF and SDL payable, if applicable. CPF and SDL are not payable by businesses for Freelancers.

To do so, simple click on the “My Reports” Tab and click on the “Send To Me Button” below. The payslip will then be sent to your email.

What is the difference if I consider my on-demand worker to be my employee vs a freelancer?

In a contract for service, an independent contractor, such as a self employed person or vendor, is engaged for a fee to carry out an assignment or project.
For Singapore, employer CPF contributions are not required for work done by non-employees.