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Are There Benefits To Job Hopping?

The term job-hopping used to imply instability, disloyalty – a mostly negative term. However, this traditional definition no longer applies in today’s current economy. And this is especially true for millennials. The rise in connectivity brought on by the advent of the internet and smartphones – two of the great disruptors of the last three … Continue reading “Are There Benefits To Job Hopping?”

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SMEs – What does the rise of the gig economy mean for you?

  The war for talent remains a key concern for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. In the fight with the big boys, the challenge of attracting and retaining talent rings especially true for SMEs facing tight labour constraints. This sentiment was echoed in The Business Times, where SME owners shared that attracting … Continue reading “SMEs – What does the rise of the gig economy mean for you?”

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How Singapore’s Gig Economy is Disrupting the Labour Workforce and Improving Businesses’ Bottom-lines

Disruptive innovations continue to have a rippling effect across various industries, and the rise of gig work is one example of such that is being felt in Singapore today. MyWork Global comments on this growing trend, and tries to address an important question for businesses and jobseekers alike – would the Gig Economy create opportunities for economic growth in Singapore or stifle it?

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